Buy Wine

You can order wine on-line NOW or you can visit us and take your stash with you.  The list of local suppliers appears below.  But first, be sure to check out how much you can save by signing up as a Tractor Seat Club member - see Becoming a Supporting Member, below.  Free freight is a bonus for some membership levels too.

the wine List

Check out the list of Oranje Tractor Wine currently available for your palate's pleasure. 

Become a Supporting member

By signing up as a member of our Community Supported Agriculture CSA (what's this?) group - called The Tractor Seat Club - you will receive heavily discounted wine and other delicious bonuses in return for giving us here at Oranje Tractor some assurance that we can sell the coming year's vintage.  Membership numbers are restricted so we will always be able to fulfill our promise to you. 

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Local suppliers

Oranje Tractor Wine is available through the following local Albany retailers. 

  • Due South Tavern

  • Little Grove Store

  • Lower King Store

  • MacKail's Store

  • Bottle-0 on North Road

  • and Denmark Liquor Store, Denmark.

You will also find us on the wine list at the following local fine dining establishments:

  • Lime 303 (Dog Rock Motel)

  • View (Albany Entertainment Centre complex)

  • and at Albany's best Indian Restaurant in a motel - Curry Leaf (Amity Motel)

We do not have suppliers further afield, so if you're not in Albany please consider joining the Tractor Seat CSA club to receive great wine at a great price...or simply shop online by clicking the above link.