Your journey begins here @ Oranje Tractor Wine

Doing things a little differently, but always with our fellow inhabitants on this planet in mind, has been our motto from the start. You will find us on a continuous sustainability journey - a route that is challenging yet rewarding. Our goal is to craft unique, terroir-specific wine for you to enjoy using practices that care for the earth. We focus our sustainability efforts on four key areas:

  • Sustainable & Organic Farming

  • Renewable Energy

  • Recycling and re-use

  • Revegetation

Our rustic Tasting Room is packed with vintage items and ambient charm, to help you feel relaxed.  The tasting room is reached by a gentle meander through our extensive organic gardens where you'll see a myriad of fruit growing. 

We welcome visitors on SUNDAYS without prior bookings to enjoy a Wine Flight, but reservations are essential for all other days.  We are open by appointment every week day.  Please see the Experiences tab above or click here.


Who are we and what are we doing?  We ask ourselves that frequently! And why? All good questions and more can be answered.


What makes our wine so special?  It's all about the soil, the climate, the land... Terroir, as our French friends call it.  And, we are making sure we take care of it!


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