Walking Conversation: Organic & Regen Small Farm Ag Tour

Our walking tour highlights the transformation of a beef cattle paddock to a certified organic small farm more than 20 years ago. It showcases over 100 different fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, spices, fungi, edible flowers, wild weeds (seeds and leaves) and animal forage plants.

On this three hour experience, conversations will be many, varied, constantly moving, yet interlinked and reinforcing. You’ll get up close to a wide range of organic and regenerative practices used to produce food and wine for the planet.

Growing nutrient dense food without fertilisers, farming without a tractor and ute, hugelkulture, espalier fruit trees, grafting avocados, cool and warm season green manures to increase pasture diversity are all possible conversations. But, as sure as a tree draws carbon into the soil to feed hungry biota, you will find something of interest. And, if that’s not enough you will discover up to 25 botanicals that are used to produce vermouth on this walking conversation tour.

Morning tea and vegetable curry lunch included.


Maximum 12 people


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