Olives , 3 ways

Do you want to know how to process olives? We’ve been preserving our home-grown olives for around 10 years and would love to share with you what we’ve learnt.

Our trees are loaded with olives at the moment so now is the time to pick and preserve. We reckon that the best way to learn is to do it, so come and get your hands dirty. You will learn how to preserve green olives so they are edible in just four days after picking, preserve and infuse semi-green and black olives with herbs, and salt cure black olives.

Includes olive aperitif, morning tea, lunch and take home olives

Limited spaces

$55 per person, $40 for Tractor Seat Farm Club members

Confirm your registration by payment to Oranje Tractor Farm BSB 066 500 Acc No 1005 8526 with payment reference Oliveyoursurname and emailing info@oranjetractor.com with your full name and mobile number.

Call Murray on 0431 846 412 for more details.